Karate classes are challenging and provide workouts for both mind and body.

If character, honour, loyalty, humility and the many other values that training may develop in a student are the spirit of karate, then technique is the flesh, blood and bones of our art.

The spirit must have a body in order to live.

Classes typically begin with a warm-up designed to improve the strength, endurance, and flexibility of the major muscle groups. Following the warm-up, one of the following activities will be practiced:

These are the fundamental karate techniques that form the basis of all karate training. They include various punches, strikes, blocks, kicks and combinations.

Kata (Forms) 
Katas are the heart and soul of Karate. A kata is the systematic use of defensive (bogyo) and offensive (kogeki) techniques used against several imaginary opponents.

Perhaps the most dynamic part of karate training, kumite (sparring) is practised in controlled and safe, but realistic manner to correctly learn stepping and dodging, different stances and positions, and basic techniques of attack and defence with a partner.

All karate students engaging in kumite are required to have the respect and discipline necessary to maintain a high degree of safety.
Why Study Karate?
The emphasis on developing the whole body through regular exercise and training make karate an excellent means of promoting good general health and fitness.

The application of the self-defense techniques builds confidence and promotes personal security.

Highly dynamic, karate makes balanced use of the various body muscles, provides excellent all-around exercise and develops coordination and agility.

Further benefits include improved self-discipline, strength and flexibility.

Karate training helps students develop practical self-defense skills in a controlled atmosphere, and is an excellent way to relieve stress.

Karate, like most martial arts, is 90 per cent mental and 10 per cent physical.
References: The information on this page is from Wado Karate Association of Canada www.wado.ca
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